HIW TV Episode 10

The Night That Changed Everything part 2

This episode of the NEW HIW TV continues coverage of the historic show at Midtown Bar & Grill on January 17th, 2015! It was one week before HIW’s biggest show of the Winter, SUPERCARD 1, when everything changed.

A new pathway was cleared as a karmic lesson was taught to the wretched. This episode of HIW TV continues to tell the story of the fateful night, the night that changed everything.

Coverage in this episode begins with a 5-Man Gauntlet Match featuring Narval, Kur-Ji Suzuki, Curtis Blaire, “The Master of the Universes” Chadd Hawkley, & “The Inner Demon” Criss Syndel!

Next up is HIW Tag Team Champions Creature Feature defending their titles against #1 Challengers FlashTeca. This is followed by a shocking announcement that puts Creature Feature back in the line of fire directly after a grueling match! This is another can’t miss episode with a very shocking ending that changed the tag team scene in HIW!

This episode of HIW TV is also available on AYPwrestling.com at http://aypwrestling.com/?p=889 and on YouTube at http://youtu.be/fvWtPT2zSfE.