Affiliation: 24/7, the Action Awesome Army, the Innovators of Impact (past)
Weight: 240 lbs.
From: Tucson, AZ
Accolades: current HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ Roman Alexander as 24/7, from Creature Feature [Monster Mayhem & Yetty] 01/17/2015); former HIW Tag Team Champion (twice w/ Ricky Flash as the Innovators of Impact); former HIW Champion

Innovator. Pioneer. Underground Legend. These are phrases that people use to describe one of Tucson’s longest active professional wrestlers. Chaos was there when the first shovel went into the ground for HIW, and he has been on this crazy ride for well over a decade now. Having been a deathmatch star for a majority of that time, some still find it strange to see Chaos standing on the same apron as Roman Alexander, but HIW creates strange relationships, and Chaos has capitalized on the new partnership to have quite the resurgence.

When one looks at Chaos, his many scars from his years of his Japanese-style Deathmatches will most likely grab your eye first, but what keeps you watching is his amazing athletic ability, often performing moves expected to be done by lighter members of our roster. Chaos is truly a rare breed of athlete, one who his opponents have much trouble adapting to, due to his different methods of attack. He is a fore-father of HIW, and an incredible wrestler, and one has to see a wrestler like Chaos to believe they exist.

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