Chris Evans

02Weight: 220 lbs.
From: California

Arizona and California wrestling star Chris Evans has continually stated he is here in HIW to have the younger pool of talent “step up” and challenge him for his title of “King of AZ”. But since his arrival to Tucson, no one has been able to secure any losses for the west coast veteran. Evans has proven that HIW wrestlers will indeed have to push themselves to another level if they have any hope of defeating him.

Having wrestled all over California, as well as Arizona, Evans has brought a polished style unseen by HIW athletes and is guaranteed to stay on his winning ways until someone is able to keep up with Chris and his finished style. Until then, it appears Evans has slowly but surely been inching his way closer and closer to holding the HIW Championship. One would think that on this track that he is on, he shouldn’t have to wait long.

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