Cris Anarchy

03Affiliation: Hardcore Union, Counter Culture (past)
Weight: 170 lbs.
From: Minnesota
Accolades: former HIW Champion; former HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ Outrage as The Counter Culture)

Arguably the most versatile competitor on the HIW roster, Cris Anarchy can be seen brawling with the best of them, pulling off deft defying arial moves, or putting on a wrestling clinic. Anarchy can do it all, and he has done it all, as he has recently held the HIW Championship. With his varying styles and differing methods of attack, many people expect the title to be around his waste very soon again.

The Minnesota native has been competing in the HIW squared circle for over a decade now, and has been the responsible for many iconic matches in HIW, and with his strong wrestling ability, Anarchy can be expected to participate in many more bouts that will wow fans. He is a can’t miss wrestler, and clearly one of the best that HIW has to offer. Many feel that his last title reign was cut short unjustly, and are counting the days until he receives his chance to gain back what he feels what is rightfully is, the HIW Championship.

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