“The Inner Demon” Criss Syndel

02Affiliation: Evil League of Evil
 185 lbs.
From: Salem, OR
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CSyndel
Twitter: http://twitter.com/CSyndel

Criss Syndel doesn’t have inner demons. Criss Syndel IS an inner demon. He is diabolical, unstable, and deadly in the ring. Wrestlers who take him lightly or overlook him learn quickly just what intensity they can expect from Syndel.

Syndel has recently joined the Evil League of Evil, and alongside Rave Michaels….Martel‘s traveling freak show, one would think that Syndel would get lost in the shuffle. On the contrary, Syndel has proven that his in ring ability, as well as his sadistic mindset, keep him afloat. One would also have to argue that the potential is limitless with Rave Michaels….Martel having a loyal follower like Criss Syndel to mentor and mold. With this new partnership, we could definitely speculate that the best for Syndel is yet to come.

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