“The Tijuana Assassin” Dueno

02Weight: 160 lbs.
From: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Accolades: former HIW Tucson City Champion (three times)

From the seedy underbelly of Tijuana, Dueno is the wrestler you go see when you need something taken care of, but you better have a pocket full of money. Some people say Dueno wears his mask because he is a luchador, but others say he chooses to wear his mask for being wanted through out a good amount of the southern United States and parts of Mexico.

The former three time HIW Tucson City Champion always stays relevant in HIW, as he always has potential clients in HIW looking to pay him to take care of their dirty work. Last being employed by the Unholy Alliance, Dueno found himself in a raw deal, but that doesn’t mean that Dueno is going straight by any means. Dueno likes money a lot more than he likes his pride.

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