02Affiliation: FlashTecaPryze, Full Tilt Boogie (past)
Weight: 360 lbs.
Accolades: former HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ MADA as Fult Tilt Boogie)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Entapryze/306063752746358

Ever the show man as well as the warrior, no one understands the art of entertaining the fans better than Entapryze, an HIW veteran of over 6 years. After attempting to invade HIW along with his cohort Damien Wrath as the Hired Gunz, Entapryze turned a new leaf when he formed a friendship with MADA on his way to the HIW title. After many attacks from rival HIW competitors, the two decided teaming up was a good idea. And was it! Full Tilt Boogie reigned supreme over the tag team division, laying waste to everyone they encountered. It would only be MADA’s actions that would eventually split the popular team, turning on Pryze and joining Mac Havok in the middle of the ring.

Since then, Entapryze has attempted to continue in his mentoring ways, helping Ricky Flash assist Azteca in his rightful spot at the top of the HIW roster, as well as rookie EJ Sparks, who has also made a big splash in a short amount of time in Tucson. Pryze has proven that he will surely leave a lasting mark on the Arizona wrestling scene, as he continues to ask the questions for his fans all over the state, because ENTAPRYZE’S MINDS WANNA KNOW.

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