05Affiliation: the Unholy Alliance, Full Tilt Boogie (past)
Weight: 185 lbs.
From: Parts Unknown
Accolades: former HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ Entapryze as Full Tilt Boogie), former HIW Tucson City Champion, former HIW Champion

MADA is one of the mysterious members of HIW. Not much is known of his past, or where he is from, but he has spent close to a decade competing in the HIW ring, and has made a name for himself as a singles and tag team competitor. But to harken back to the mysterious aspect of MADA’s character, we’ve also seen him do things to make us scratch our heads on more than one occasion.

MADA has been a previous holder of all of the active championships in HIW, one of the few wrestlers on the roster to do so, and was also one half of the illustrious tag team of Full Tilt Boogie with Entapryze. One day, he chose to throw it all away to join the Unholy Alliance, pledging his allegiance to Mac Havok, Tyrone Cabrone, and ZEEK the Ronin. Now MADA can be seen spending his days following the orders of his “partners” of UA, and is known to do whatever it takes to get his job accomplished. MADA’s actions still go unexplained, but he can still be seen doing the bidding of his new “brothers” of the Unholy Alliance.

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