Matthew Blaze

02Affiliation: Evil League of Evil
 215 lbs.
From: San Angeles, CA
Accolades: former HIW Tucson City Champion

Versatility is definitely Matthew Blaze’s strongest attribute. Spending many years in HIW, one would be hard pressed to find any of them being similar. Matthew Blaze seems to reinvent himself time and time again, and it definitely got the attention of Rave Michaels…. Martel. Blaze joined the Evil League of Evil recently, and has already made his presence known.

Blaze is no stranger to having HIW gold. He is a former HIW Tucson City Champion, and also has made a name for himself as a proficient opponent inside the ring. Blaze is only going to get better, and with Rave in his ear, it will be interesting to see what happens going forward with him, and what else he will accomplish in Tucson.

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