Monster Mayhem

Affiliation: Creature Feature, Rave’s Army
Weight: 450 lbs.
From: Syracuse, NY
Accolades: former HIW Tag Team Champion (twice w/ Ogre & Yetty as Creature Feature)

Monster Mayhem is a behemoth of a man, who burst onto the independent wrestling scene in Arizona with a trail of bodies piling up in droves. HIW has never seen a force like Monster Mayhem, or his partners in Creature Feature. Add the mind of Rave Michaels…. Martel to the equation, and you make a force who may reign over HIW for years to come.

Little is known about Monster Mayhem, but one doesn’t have to look farther than his wrestling matches to see that the giant is not easily dealt with. He can hang with the best of them in HIW, and with his partners in Creature Feature behind him, Monster Mayhem is more than likely get whatever he wants. Just imagine if he sets his sights on a goal like the HIW Championship.

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