The Ogre

02Affiliation: Creature Feature, Evil League of Evil, Pocket Protectors (past)
Weight: 400 lbs.
From: Seattle, WA
Accolades: former HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ Monster Mayhem & Yetty as Creature Feature); former HIW Champion

The Ogre has been the most transformative wrestler in HIW over his ten year run while grappling in the city of Tucson. His journey from the fun loving nerd to the monster that he is today has been quite the journey, with his most recent alliance with Rave Michaels….Martel and Creature Feature making this his most devastating incarnation. Ogre has a rich history, having reach the peak of the mountain top when he captured the HIW Championship, but it seems that causing carnage is more up The Ogre’s alley now that Rave Michaels….Martel is guiding him.

With his unique personality, high intellect, and uncanny wrestling ability, Ogre is on par to change HIW in a way where they may not be able to pick up the pieces that are left behind. It seems that he is out to annihilate anyone who Rave deems worthy of it, as well as assisting his partners in Creature Feature of disposing of their foes as well. Ogre can be seen as a one man wrecking ball, and when he swings at you, expect to fall shortly after.

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