Affiliation: Counter Culture (past)
Weight: 300 lbs.
From: Phoenix, AZ
Accolades: former HIW Tucson City Champion, former HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ Cris Anarchy as Counter Culture)

The most violent member of the HIW family, Outrage has competed in countless bloody wars over the past ten plus years in High Impact Wrestling. With the deadly Nicky Fury by his side, Outrage has lain waste to anyone who crosses his path. A deathmatch wrestling legend, and a tough as nails mentality, Outrage is the last person you want to see staring across the ring from you.

Because he is so tough, one can consider Outrage a viable threat every time he steps foot inside a ring. He is one of the craziest wrestlers that you could ever lay eyes on. His manager, Nicky Fury, is no slouch either, making sure that her man is on the winning end more often than not. With these two working side by side, they could seemingly do whatever they want, whenever they want.

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