“Short Fuse” Ripp Robertson

Weight: 192 lbs.
From: Payson, AZ
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ripp.robertson

Ripp Robertson is not someone you want to make mad, which is unfortunate, because he finds himself mad a lot. Being known as “Short Fuse” usually means that it’s a nickname bestowed upon someone who you should try your best not to cross. Coming from the fighting city of Payson, Arizona, Ripp has made a reputation of blowing up in tough situations.

Ripp has been around for some time in HIW, and his reputation as a skilled performer have also gotten him attention outside of Tucson, letting him compete all over Arizona over the course of his career. Be sure to keep an eye on Ripp, as his outbursts have been known to be a high point in many of our shows of the past, and going into the future.

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