Roman Alexander

04Affiliation: 24/7, the Action Awesome Army, The New Kliq (past)
Weight: 222 lbs.
From: Los Angeles, CA
Accolades: current HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ Chaos as 24/7, from Creature Feature [Monster Mayhem & Yetty] 01/17/2015); former HIW Champion; former HIW Tag Team Champion

Roman Alexander is HIW’s own homegrown superstar. He has wrestled all over Arizona as well as other states across America, and he started right here in Tucson with High Impact Wrestling. While Roman stays true to his humble beginnings, he also brings his amazing style and strength between the ropes week in and week out here at his home for his loyal Tucson fans.

Roman’s quest to the HIW Championship has been an interesting one. Forming an unlikely coalition with Chaos to make 24/7, capture the HIW Tag Team Championships, and forming a bond with Ed “The American” Knight, after their record breaking match at One Moment in History in October 2014, to do battle against foes like Rave Michaels….Martel and the Evil League of Evil, as well as Mac Havok and his Unholy Alliance. Alexander never backs down from a challenge, because he knows the more Ws he can get the closer he gets to getting the HIW Championship his waist again very soon.

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