“The Man Who Never Misses” Shot Saxon

02Affiliation: Badd Company (past), Guci Family (past)
Weight: 200 lbs.
From: Planet Love Tron
Accolades: former HIW Champion, former HIW Tucson City Champion, former HIW Tag Team Champion (w/ Dan Draven as Badd Company)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Precision-Personified-Shot-Saxon/26948361316183
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Shotty1020

Shot Saxon has one of the most checkered pasts in High Impact Wrestling history. His Tag Team Championship run as well as his long past of double crosses had people questioning what they were seeing when Shot recently returned to HIW. Saxon seemed to have turned a new leaf. Gone are the days of Shot doing underhanded deeds in order to get ahead, and the fans of HIW love it. They have gotten behind Shot by the droves, and he seems to be liking it.

Shot has found a thorn in his side in Joey Law, who has returned to HIW himself recently. The two have battled time and time again, with no clear winner seeming to be present. Shot does have the experience factor, and while he enjoys having the resurgence in HIW, it seems that Law is annoyed by not being able to get rid of the resilient Shot Caller. With everyone enjoying seeing where these two are going, it can also be said that Shot Saxton has an uncanny ability to adapt to any circumstances.

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