HIW TV Episode 8

Prelude to a Moment part 2

After a brief break due to unforeseen issues, the NEW High Impact Wrestling TV is back! We continue to cover the events that took place on October 19th, 2014 at Midtown Bar & Grill in this episode, as we start off with Rave‘s Rant. In a Rant that will not be forgotten anytime soon we get the first look at the new HIW Championship Belt and the return of HIW Management Representative Milo Watson! After being attacked by the Unholy Alliance (as seen in Episode 6 of the NEW HIW TV) Milo returns and has some exciting news regarding the card for October 25th, 2014’s One Moment in History!

Then we see Roman Alexander squares off against his former partner in The New Kliq, Rave Michaels… Martel. Watch as these two go at each other with extra incentive, as they fight for dominance in this post-TNK battle!

Episodes 7 & 8 of the NEW High Impact Wrestling TV tie directly into HIW Special #1: One Moment in History – A Tucson Wrestling Reunion.

This episode is also available on AYPwrestling.com at http://aypwrestling.com/?p=674 and on YouTube at http://youtu.be/af3Z0TGPI4c.