Quick Results: SUPERCARD 3 April 18, 2015 – The Champions Go Down in Defeat

Here are the quick results from Saturday, April 18th’s SUPERCARD 3 at VFW 4903 in Tucson, AZ:

1. Krueger bested Impulse by pinfall after a package piledriver and then drug him away to God knows where. Krueger and Impulse were never seen leaving VFW 4903!

2. Outrage‘s war against the Evil League of Evil’s Creature Feature heated up as the team of Outrage, Guzmania~!, & Cris Anarchy battled to a no contest with the behemoths. Afterwards Ogre went crazy and laid waste to Team Techno Culture with his favorite muffler.

3. In a shocking turn of events Justice Supreme turned her back on Ricky Flash leading to Azteca’s execution of Flash with the Unbreakable Destroyer, his sick flipping piledriver!

4. In a another stunner, the team of the Guci Family (“XXX” Lawrence Tyler & Ryan J. Morals w/ Toom E. Guci) & Joey Law beat HIW Tag Team Champions 24/7 (Roman Alexander & Chaos) & Shot Saxon when Roman Alexander was pinned for the first time in months by Morales.

5. After some uncalled for comments Matthew Blaze defeated Chadd Hawkley & Narval in a Handicap Match. He then slapped announcer Thomas Bugg before attacking HIW Management Rep Milo Watson. Matthew Blaze has since been suspended indefinitely by HIW.

6. The Unholy Alliance defeated the trio of HIW Tucson City Champ EJ Sparks, Entapryze, & Kur-Ji Suzuki when Tyrone Cabrone again pinned the Tucson City Champion.

7. In the main event the Action Awesome Army team of Ed “The American” Knight & Curtis Blaire bested the Evil League of Evil team of HIW Champion Rave Michaels…. Martel & Criss Syndel when Ed Knight pinned Rave leading to a meltdown by the leader of the League. This meltdown gave birth to a huge brawl that saw the majority of the HIW locker room wiped out by the Evil League of Evil. The Unholy Alliance barely escaped, leaving the arena in a hurry. Their getaway driver was none other than Mac Havok.